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HOW DO COUNTRIES VOTE AGAINST UNITED STATES IN U.N.Click here for more on United Nation's Voting. Can you blame them?

The Dr. Robert Jarvik Conspiracy! Likable Guy

George W. Bush's twin. Plays with Dog eat More Lipator

Does Bush Declares War on American Public ? He refused to help California through Energy Crisis a Democratic Governor and the victims of Katrina who had a Democratic Governor.

Lady Bird Johnson knew that CIA agent de Mohrenschildt's wife worked with Abraham Zaprduer at clothing company in Dallas while Her husband's CIA secretary, Marie Fehmer's mother knew and worked with Mrs. De Mohrenschildt and Zapruder. Click here to view letter from de Mohrenschildt to Vice President Lyndon Baines Johnson. Adamson was the first to publish this letter in 1996.

E. Howard Hunt said on his death bed that CIA agents and Lyndon Baines Johnson were behind the JFK assassination. Hunt should have known he wrote the book Give Us This Day, in which he quoted Dimitri Von Mohrenschildt's best friend, William Henry Chamberlin (a writer for the Bancroft's Wall Street Journal on the opening page of Hunt's book. When referring to Colonel George was Hunt referring to George H.W. Bush ? I believe so.

NBC's spokeswoman Doris Kearns Goodwin refused to respond to Adamson's enclosed letters between LBJ and George de Mohrenschildt. Adamson asked Mrs. Goodwin "Why is Vice-President LBJ writing to Lee Harvey Oswald's closest friend seven months before President Kennedy's assassination." Doris Goodwin is a Champion of Lyndon Baines Johnson and instead of addressing the question posed to her, she ignored it. See Exhibit.

Click to view View Doris Kearns Goodwin's letter to Adamson.


The Script for September 11, 2001 was written by a Central Intelligence Agency Spokesman David Hagberg in 1995, the name of that book is entitled: High Flight. In this book 14 airlines were used.

If they were not inovlved, they could have given someone else the idea? Fiction turned to Fact!

Remember that George H.W. Bush was in business with Adnan Khashoggi, formerly of the CIA and personal adviser to the Saudi Royal Family. Also that Khashoggi lost a nephew Dodi Fayed. Whose father Mohamed Al Fayed was friends with the father of the lead hijacker El-Amir Atta. Al Fayed lost a lawsuit against the Pentagon and CIA two months before 9-11 for they have 1100 pages that they do not want the American Public to see. Why were they tailing Princess Diana? Fayed lost a son/lawsuit and Khashoggi lost a nephew. Photo submitted of Bushs' on vacation in New Orleans. Don't know when they were there. Click here for more on 9-11 that not even Michael Moore wanted to cover.

O. Bind Ladin and Adnan Khashoggi have somethings in common. Both were welcomed within the Saudi Royal Family. Both have ties to Georbe H.W. Bush and both had worked with the Central Intelligence Agency before. Let us look at Adnan Khashoggi's resume twenty years ago 1984-84:

Click here for Five Star Corporation Adnan Khashoggi and George Bush's vote Switching Software.

"Sheikh Adnan, Mohamedd, Saudi Arabian Businessman, born on July 25, 1935, in Mecca, Saudi Arrabi, son of Mohamed Khashoggi and Mrs. nee Yassin (hijacker's surname), Divorced, six children: Nabila, Mohamed, Khaled, Hussein, Omar and Ali. He was educated at Victoria College, Alexandria, Egypt; Chico State University, California; Stanford University. Diploma Hon. Doctor Economic Sciences, Han Yang University. Career: Major shareholder and founder of Triad Corporation; Director St. Khaterine's Insurance Co. Ltd; Director of Al Nasr Est for Trade & Industry, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; Awards Ordre de la Couronne, Belguim; Medal of the Blue Nile, President of the Sudan; Cert. of Appreciatation, President Kenya, Certificate of Recognition, President of Egypt; Key to Seoul, South Korea; Key to Sydney, Australia; Key to Nairobi, Kenya; Honorary Citizenship of Seoul City; Order of the Knight of St. John, Malta; Chairman, Khashoggi Foundation, Underwriting Member of Lloyds of London; Board of Trustees the American University of Washington D.C..; Honorary member of the Korean Veterans Association; Address London. He left out working with the Central Intelligence Agency.



Mr. Baker co-chairman was running George H.W. Bush's campaign to political office in 1962. Leon Panetta supported Adamson's research and read lettters between LBJ and CIA agent George de Mohrenschildt and letter from Bush Sr. admitting he was friends with de Mohrenschildt since 1942. Two days before Report Papa Bush cried on national TV when he Pick ROBERT GATES to REPLACE DON RUMSFIELD-- GATES was working with Democrat Lyndon Baines Johnson whom, like George H.W. Bush was also involved in the JFK assassination. LBJ's son-in-law Chuck Robb, like Panetta and others are protecting the Democractic Party and Republican Presidenet from total embarassment in their cover-up of the JFK Assassination. For Adamson's response to San Francisco Chronicle's article by James Sterngold Click here.

Why Does George W. Bush Continue to Train the Enemy in the Iraq Army ?

Is Bush doing this deliberately? The Iraq military is not aligned with the U.S. Government. Anyone can pretend to be loyal to their Army, yet many are not loyal to this Army and are anti-U.S.A.


Make No Mistake these are CIA agents - Whistleblowers


Click Here for 1993 letter from George H.W. Bush to Adamson..

Who was CIA Agent George de Mohrenschildt? Click to see an incriminating de Mohrenschildt Chart.

When you think about making a donation ask yourself WHY DOES BUSH'S FATHER CONTROL DONATIONS ON EBAY WITH POINTS OF LIGHT FOUNDATION? Mission Fish is controlled by Points of Light Foundation through Mission Fish on Ebay. When George Jr. first began his presidency his father said "I am going to stay out of my son's business." Sr. Bush has Cheny, Rumsfield, Rice, and many others helping his son. You might as well be giving your personal information and money to the Central Intelligence Agency with Mission Fish. Symbolic of "Jesus" again we find no separation of Church and State. Photo to left is Barry Seal, Felix Rodriguez and other CIA agents. Felix Rodriguez is a good friend of Bush Sr.

When hurricane's hit Florida President Bush makes sure his brother gets plenty of assistance. Nepotism to the highest degree. Bush also refused to help California during it's engergy crisis. It was the U.S. Army Corp of Engineer's who built the faulty New Orlean's levee system. Is it possible that the government State and Federal are filing lawsuits agianst individuals to take the light off of this fact? You Think! It is good that they do so against the insurance companies. Timeline on Hurricane Katrina and the lack of response. What do you think of the idea of using trains systems to evacuate citizens? Could be done quickly and eliminates the need to clog highways. Seems that on the surface more people died while evacuating Rita then in the actual hurricane. Bush and the military did a good job. Click here for KGO Taliferro's support of the Katrina Timeline on Hurricane assasistance.

They have killed the idea of a free press just as those U.S. citizen's murdered Elijah P. Lovejoy on November 7, 1837. Our press and media are too cowardly to imply that there is a possibility that former President Bush may have had a hand in the assassination of President Kennedy. Click here for the assassination of Rev. E.P. Lovejoy for running a printing press against slavery.

As a Whistleblower Clinton's Chief of Staff supported my research on Bush Sr.'s involvement in the JFK Assassination. Yet, on numermous occasions Clintonn refused to act and spent millions of dollars on the JFK Assassination Records Review Board Act when it was fraudulently signed into law by George H.W. Bush. Bush Sr. had an obligation to disclose he knew Lee Harvey Oswald's closest friend since 1942, George de Mohrenschildt.

Why not request the books through your local or university libraries? Isn't about time that students deserve a real education? If I had lots of money and wanted to help our society I would buy the C.D. to Libraries around the United States. Where are our philanthropists? Since I began digging into the JFK assassination I have earned $80,000 in book sales and invested around $200,000 and 13 years of my life. Do you think I did it for the money? My goal was to stop all of the Theories pertaining to the JFK Assassination and create a definitive Fact based conclusions that other's could rely upon. I did not discriminate against Republicans nor Democrats, CIA agents nor Texas oilmen and the Rich and Famous.

Brand New! Buy Entire JFK Timeline and De Mohrenschildt Story

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    Adamson's show on Coast to Coast in 2004 can be heard on the following website: Click Here for coast to coast live!

    Adamson has been a guest on Coast to Coast Am in 2004 and on the Dr. Stan show with Radio Liberty. Dr. Stan is the only radio talk host that I know of that has taken an interest and help spread the word of George de Mohrenschildt. Click Here for Radio Liberty website listen live!


    On April 24, 2005, I went to the UCLA book Festival. I met some interesting people including Amy Goodman, Tom Hayden and watched Marie Shriver give her speech. Afterwards I went to Pacific Palisades on Almalfi Drive just as it leads up from the Santa Monica Canyon to Sunset and I pulled over to speake to a friend on a cell phone, when Renee Zellweger walked by. She was very polite and said "hi." My friend whom I was talking to, was always talking about her so I told him. Right when told him, (I was watching her in my rear view mirror) her straw hat blew off and she grabbed it. My friend on the phone was the one who had was always talking about her. My friend who was on the computer said to me, "Guess when her birthday is?" I said "when." He replied "tomorrow." I said to myself, Hmmm! (I was helping a friend move that lives a block or two away from Renee on Almalfi Drive) if I should see her, I said to myself "I would sing her Happy Birthday." Well, I did see her, and being impulsive I pulled over and sung two bars of Happy Birthday. She looked like she had seen a "Ghost" or acted like I was a stalker. I feel sorry for celebrities who must live in fear. Which leads me to wonder: did I scare Renee into marriage? She was married about two weeks later. What if I had been a real stalker? I really enjoyed her performance in the film Cold Mountain, great photography and used the same computer software I use Final Cut Pro 4. Renee was so full of Life and Light and deserved the Oscar for best supporting actress. Watched the film Cold Mountain, again, and it does have a good script. I am a facts kind of guy and did not like the sad ending.

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