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J.Orlin Grabbe posted on the internet that CIA agent Cord Meyer told him that he had hired Bill Clinton into the Central Intelligence Agency while Clinton was going to school at Oxford. I confronted Meyer with this, (Meyer's wife was the lover of President Kennnedy and was murdered in 1964), Meyer said that Grabbe's allegation was not true.

This author feels that he can prove that George Bush Sr.'s Zapata Oil/Off Shore Company was a CIA front and that the Bay of Pigs invasion was also GEORGE BUSH SR.'s Baby. CIA agent George Bush was briefed on November 23, 1963 about the JFK assassination by FBI Director, J.E. Hoover. Click here for Hoover/Bush FBI document, check the last paragraph out "George Bush of the CIA".

"During Bush's presidency, Khashoggi was identified as conduit in the Iran-Contra conspiracy. He had already run into trouble with US lawmen when, in 1986, he was arrested and charged - but not convicted - of fraud. He was bailed out of the New York prison by Munk, who provided the $4m bond. Bush performed an even bigger favour for Khashoggi: as his last act in office, the president pardoned Khashoggi's alleged co-conspirators, key members of Bush's own cabinet. As a result, no case could be made against Khashoggi. " See

On November 22nd, the day before George H.W. Bush called the FBI office in Houston and said one of his friends told him that "James Parrott" had been talking about killing Kennedy when he came to Houston. Bush waited till after the assassination to disclose this information, but said nothing about de Mohrenschildt. Would you have waited if you believed that Parrott was serious? Worse yet, Bush does not remember making the call, although it can be proven that he did. Thirty years later Parrott worked on Bush's campaign against Bill Clinton. Figure that one out; if someone had tried to finger me for killing President Kennedy, that person would have been my worst enemy. See volume one and ten for damning evidence. The FBI agent that took Bush's call was Graham Kitchel, whose brother George Kitchel knew both de Mohrenschildt and Bush. (NOTE: Graham was a favorite of FBI Director, J. E. Hoover who was briefing Bush of the CIA on November 23, 1963). On October 13, 1999, Adamson called Kenneth B. Jackson the FBI agent who investigated Parrott and received Bush's complaint. Mr. Jackson, refused to return Adamson's phone call. Why? Click here for incriminating FBI document.

As a genealogist Adamson has traced his family to every European kingdom. Some of the Queens and Kings of Scotland and England are the progenitors to both Adamson and George Bush. Adamson though makes it clear that he never allows these factors to increase his hat size. News and general items of interest appear below, with additions being made.Visit Adamson's family website for George Bush's genealogy. One of Bush's grandfather's Samuel Prescott finished the ride for Paul Revere.

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