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Rich Only in Family History as a hobby

In 1982 I took up genealogy after reading through a set of encyclopedia's. I was lucky to find out that I had a rich and interesting family history. Just because I am rich in family history does not mean I inherited their wealth. Just an average "Joe," yet love the stories!

Yes, I am descended from George Calvert on my mother's side of the family. Calvert owned New Foundland in the 1620s. His vision allowed the first King Charles to grant The First Lord Baltimore which contained much of the land which today is Washington D.C. Never lose sight that the Native Americans ancestors of Chief Turkey were here long before. I have been to the Capital of Maryland and stood before the painting of Leonard Calvert who was the first governor of Maryland and a great grandfather.

I do not wish retaliation for what certain individuals may or may not have done to President Kennedy. One must keep Democracy alive for the well being of this country in the present. Adamson's third great uncle George Sidney Camp wrote the bestseller Democracy in 1841.

George Sidney Camp whose bestseller in 1841 said that all theories are based upon facts. It was the first book in the U.S.A. on Democracy that can be found. Adamson's first book was: The Life and Times of George W. Ely, who was the nephew of George Sidney Camp and was named after his uncle when Ely was born in 1840. Ely was a 2nd great grandfather and his son built the Astoria Hotel in 1897 for John Jacob Astor, IV. His grandfather-by-marriage built the original Waldorf 1894 on the very property where the Empire State Building rests today. Bruce gets help from West Palm Beach Sheriff's to expose CIA at Palm Beach.

In 1995 Adamson working near Mar-A-Lago, Palm Beach Florida. Grandmother Minnie Campbell also in Palm Beach married James H. Adamson in 1907. Cool Photograph 1932. Minnie was straight from Helensborough, Scotland. Her son Hal wrote lyrics to An Affair to Remember for Deborah Kerr in 1957 who was also from Helensborough. The film was voted fifth most romantic film by AFI.


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Click to read Stephen Kay lawyer for USA vs. Charles Manson

Click to read letter from Colonel Andrew Amerson partner of Stephen Kay lawyer for United States vs. Lawrence Bittaker. Amerson was a chief prosecutor for the JAG see obituary.

Click to see Andrew Amerson obituary and biography. Won US Supreme Court Case against Bittaker, yet faced death before the culprit of the terrible acts.

Click to see Andrew Amerson and Stephen Kay Death on Appeal Santa Monica Sea Breeze 1991. Stephen Kay has given several great interviews on Youtube about the Bittaker case.

Photo of Colonel Amerson and Sarah Lee Jefferies at wedding in San Fernando Valley. Photo by Gretchen Adamson.

After photograph was taken I recall aunt Gretchen introducing me to Gogi Grant whom in 1966 knocked Elvis Presley's hit Heartbreak Hotel off the top ten spot for singing Wayward Wind.

In 1973, I was at the Santa Monica Court house and Elvis was getting a divorce from Priscella. I did not get to see him, yet I know he saw me. His limo was cruzing around while I was outside and it kept coming by me. One of the bailiff's who knew me, walked by and I asked him "Whose in the limousine?" The deputy responded Elvis Presley who is getting a divorce from his wife. I was fortunate enough to also meet Ann Margaret on Catalina Island circa 1990s.


In 1971 I was known as The Beaver, until I had a motorcycle accident. The kids in high school would really rubbed it in and were cruel. It was one of the hardest lessons in life, "Do not drink and drive." Bruce knocked out his "Bucky Beaver teeth." Had gal on back of motorcycle and am glad she did not get hurt. For I would today still be walking with cloud over my head, had she been hurt.

1992 photograph of Adamson on the The Joseph Conrad in Mystic, CT. This 100 foot clipper ship was sailed around the world in 1935; which Adamson's father Douglas sailed around the world in 1935 sixty years earlier. In the same year Clark Gable, Charles Laughton and Franchot Tone were in the film Mutiny on the Bounty. The only film in Oscar history when three actors were competing against each other in the same film for an Oscar. They all lost to Victor MacLaglen who won best actor Oscar for Informer. In 1944 MacLaglen co-sung a song written by Douglas' brother Harold Adamson in the 1944 film The Princess and the Pirate with Virginia Mayo and Bob Hope. In 1909 MacLaglen fought Jack Johnson as a boxer in an exposition fight. Muhammed Ali said Johnson was the best fighter of the century. A search of the internet is worthy to hear Ali's words on Jack Johnson. Bruce shook Ali's hand in 1987 who many say "Was the Greatest."



don't upset applecart - The TICHELMAN FAMILY has Candian & US citizenship

Could ALIX TICHELMAN have been working for her DAD? Whose Company works for the United States and California Government Agencies! Click on link below to read more. She either, directly or indirectlly killed two people and faces ONLY manslaughter charges. Is the government trying to Desensitize the US public?

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Forrest Hayes met his end on the 50th Anniversary of JFK's assassination.

Why did Bart Tichelman put up her bail, when it may incriminate himself? Alix is looking at a small sentence. See more on her father's corporations which have ties to Uncle Sam! Google stop executives at WHITE HOUSE. Bart Tichelman companies were in competition with GOOGLE. All I am suggesting is to keep an open mind and not sweep the facts under the rug. Most suspects get a single Public Defender, Alix has THREE!

Click to read Court Documents and links to BART TICHELMAN CEO-President of SYNAPSENSE.COM

2008 Bruce Campbell Adamson Threatened to Chop

Arm of California Supreme Court Justice Addison Niles

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Watch 10 minute clip of 1 hour long video: 1,000 Points of Light on JFK, Diana and Sept. 11th with Bruce Adamson on Nightly News as Researcher and on JFK's assassination by clicking here.

"Bruce Campbell Adamson digs UP Roots in 1985." Click to read article.

TRANSLATIONS of ADAMSON's WEBSITES in Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, French, German, and Italian.

Before there was BRUCE LEE ---}


Anna May Wong was a guest at the Adamson residence home in Larchmont, New York. Minnie Campbell-Adamson from Scotland. and Anna Wong seen in photograph below. Wong will be the first Chinese actress honored by the US government and found herself on a United States quarter. If you are interested in buying a roll of uncirculated Anna May Wong quarters please send me an email at

On another positive note Mrs. Harold Adamson became friends with Madame S. T. Ting Wong who took Gretchen to China five times. I had the honor to videotape her cooking shrimp and peas at her home in West Los Angeles. Colonel Andrew Amerson a former prosecutor for the US Army interviewed the famous CHINESE COOK author of Long Life to Chinese Cooking. Watch her in action at 100 years old, sharp as a tack.

Madame S. T. Ting Wong. This great teacher was friends with aunt Gretchen. There were over one million copies of Long-Life Chinese Cookbook sold of Madame Wong's book that was coauthored by Sylvia Schulman. Yet how many were signed? Seller had five copies signed by Madame Wong through her family.

Wong's book was co-authored with Sylvia Schulman, wife of Samuel Schulman the former owner of the Seattle basketball team. On the cover Sylvia states her husband's basketball team's coach was Bill Russell and others in the basketball world as well as by many well-known entertainers. It was a bestselling cook book.

Madame S.T. Ting Wong passed away on May 19, 2008

Adamson produced a 15 minute video Madame Wong at the age of 100 cooking Shrimp and Peas. "Still Cooking at 100 Years Shrimp and Peas." While in China she cooked dinners for three United States Presidents. Madame Wong taught at UCLA, and many well known actors.

Wong taught Wolfgang Puck how to Peking duck at his restaurant, Chinois in Santa Monica.

;Click to watch 15 minute video cooking at 100 years old author


At the age of 15 Bruce was the senior reporter, editor and printer of the school newspaper at Boys Town of the Desert. 35 years later on May 28, 2005 Bruce C. Adamson turned 51 years old! As a historian, genealogist I am a name dropper.

Adamson graduated in 1985 from Santa Monica City College. Following in his father's footsteps (Douglas M. Adamson) Bruce majored in real estate receiving his real estate license in 1981.

Bruce followed in his father's footsteps, sort of. Since 1982 he has been license by the California Department of Real Estate. Bruce C. Adamson was taught by the best at Santa Monica College; Professors Larry Gentry, (former neighbor to Nicole Brown-Simpson--Larry Gentry passed away on Feb. 20, 2009); William Snyder, Esq. (Attorney-Broker); William Reid, (Comedian); Silas. Ely (author of Basic Real Estate Appraisal 6th Edition. Basic Real Estate Appraisal 6th Edition Richard M. Betts MAI Silas J. Ely RECI) and others.

As a real estate agent in California Adamson closed one real estate deal to actor Timothy Hutton in 1982. Some career as my father who sold a ranch to Marion Davies and many other homes. In 1951 Douglas Adamson's firm in Beverly Hills sold a 10 acre ranch to Marion Davies in the Palm Springs area. Photo of Marion Davies in 1915 circa at Santa Monica Beach.

In 2005 Adamson was helping the family and estate of Robert and Lois Dwan, a restaurant critic for The Los Angeles Times. Robert Dwan was the director of Groucho Marx This is Your Life. Their home 229 Almafi Drive was designed by a well known home having glass sliding windows in much of the home much like the work of Philip C. Johnson, the architect was William Wallace Reid, Jr.. Like John Denver, Reid too crashed the same sort of plane in the Santa Monica Bay shortly before singer John Denver. He was the son of Wm. W. Reid who was in the silent film Birth of a Nation. I was fortunate enough to have slept in the master bedroom for a few months. If you want to see the home search the internet at 229 Almafi Drive. Arnold Scwarznegger, Marie Shriver lived on same street and June Lockhart. The Dwan's realtor whose name escapes my memory was going to tell Rene Zellewegger that I was only helping and not a stalker. I remember selling a British Ford Corsair on Ebay and someone drove all the way out from the midwest to haul it away.

Rene Zellewegger lived on same street and was married in April of 2005 after I sung to her "Happy Birthday" on her birthday. Wish I had a camera to show the expression in her face. My intentions were sincere, not as a stalker and was a big fan of her role in the civil war film Cold Mountain. A week or so she married a country singer which lasted only a few months. The day before her birthday she walked by the car and smiled and said "Hi." My friend in Carlsbad told me the day before that it was "tomorrow was her birthday."

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Photo of Bald Eagle in Santa Cruz 4/1/ 2002 by Bruce Adamson no fooling. I captured 12 minutes of video of the eagle with his friend a golden eagle.


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ADAMSON HAS BEEN A DEDICATED MEMBER OF TWO OF THE LARGEST UNIONS IN THE U.S.A. AMERICAN POSTAL WORKER'S AND MAIL HANDLERS UNIONS. An interesting note is that in 1986 as a U.S. mail carrier the last person I delivered mail to was LYLE ALZADO linebacker for the Oakland Raiders. He invited me into his home and was able to get autographs for my nephews. He was truly one of the largest men in thickness I had ever seen. About six inches larger than my Samoan friend who was the Olympic weight lifter for the State of Hawaii and whom could bench press pver 500 pounds.

Afterwards the first person I delivered mail to as a clerk was my cousin Meg Foster in Topanga Canyon all this was in 1985. U.S. Male, as Elvis would say.

I learned in 2015 on ESPN that Alzado fought Mohamed Ali in 1979. In 1986-87 Ali at 3:00 am entered the RTD Bus on Santa Monica Blvd. while I was on my way to Pasadena. Ali sat right next to me and I had to do a double take for he still was the Champ in my eyes. When he got off the bus I had to get off and shake his hand. Ali walked all the way to the beach with wife. So I hope that a little bit of Ali and Alzado rubbed off on me. Their fight was for charity and was not an official fight. Alzado said to his wife "I hit him hard, and he hit me back much harder." Both men were great inspirations to sport fans around the United States.

Since 2010, the U.S. Post Office, China and Ebay have had a special contract for shipping items that sell on Ebay. In March 2023, the U.S. Postal Service passed a new law that when shipping currency of over 500.00 dollars it was be sent by registered mail. The postal service have not told the U.S. postal employees.


Rufus Easton was judge of the largest land mass in U.S. history

Don't forget your mailman or women at Christmas. Donuts, food or small gifts are always appreciated by your Postal Employees. In the long run it will assure better service to you for they are working very hard!

Click to read letter from author and historian Page Smith 1991

Click to read letter from Deputy Superintendent Thomas J. Donner of Santa Monica College 1991.