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Click to read Press Release. PRESS RELEASE September 1, 2023 - Robert F. Kennedy vs Igor Cassini - RFK, Sr. & Jr. for President 1968 & 2023. Igor was placed on probation in 1964. Igor was a writer and was extremely popular in the 1950s and 1960s working for Wm. R. Hearst, Jr.

Was watching Peter Baker [NY TIMES] on MSNBC answering Katy Tur's question "Why does the CIA want to keep their documents sealed on the JFK assassination." I like Katy Tur, yet Baker relied upon The Mary Ferrell Foundation for his answer. The late Mary Ferrell's granddaughter married CIA agent George de Mohrenschildt's grandson Curtis Taylor. Surprising how a little bit of knowledge may go a long way. Mary Ferrell wrote to me in the 1990s and told me of this fact. She was considered by JFK researchers and authors an expert on the JFK assassination. Is Peter Baker related to Russ or Russell Baker?

See letter from Mary Ferrell to Adamson almost 30 years ago. There in lies the rub, Mary Ferrell's in-law was CIA who had ties to Allen Dulles, George H. W. Bush, CIA agents, LBJ and Lee Harvey Oswald.

Should Mary Ferrell have recused herself from the JFK assassination?

Former Congressman Leon Panetta spoke to Veteran's Voice in 1990s on Adamson's research pertaining to JFK's assassination within The JFK Assassination Timeline Chart ; as did chief prosecutor of JAG and California Attorney General's officer Colonel Andrew Amerson; Professor Ed Tatro; Author Anthony Summers and Pentagon USAF Colonel Fletcher Prouty. Mr. Leon Panetta wrote "I send my best wishes for success in your future endeavors." Click to see Veteran's Voice October 1993-98.

Bruce on radio show 26 years ago on the J. Rense Show Sightings. De Mohrenschildt and the CIA.

In 1964 Stanley Kubrick produced his Oscar winning move Dr. Strangelove Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying about the Bomb which won an Oscar for Best Picture and several others.

Stanley Kubrick's housekeeper Irene Boyd Barrett after release of film in 1966 Irene came to work at the Adamson household in Santa Monica at 352 18th Street. The film was released on January 29, 1964 after President John F. Kennedy's assassination less than two months earlier on November 22, 1963. Irene helped get John F. Kennedy elected before she came to work for our family.

For JFK video documentary JFK 50th Anniversary video send email to

Information for Vol. 13 was collected in over three years and is loaded with important facts and exhibits that compile interesting tidbits from the previous volumes. My work began in 1992 focusing on the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, where researchers may have focused on the wrong Texas oilmen. Howard Hughes' company was the largest employer of CIA agents at the time and at one point contracts totaled more than six billion dollars. Oswald was arrested in Howard Hughes' Texas Theater.



Video on youtube on Jeanne Le Gon and George de Mohrenschildt.

Volumes 1 - 6 Volumes 7 - 11 Other Books

JFK Assassination Timeline Chart

This Timeline Chart presents facts. No one listed in the Timeline Chart is to be presumed guilty of assassinating John F. Kennedy, solely upon his or her association, direct or indirect, to George De Mohrenschildt, Oswald's closest friend. Any such conclusion is for the reader to make.

The Timeline Chart contains an enormous amount of unpublished material. Its preparation contains results of the author's thorough examination of personal papers of Allen Dulles, Senator John Tower, George Crew McGhee, Gerald Ford, Lyndon Johnson, Dimitri Von Mohrenschildt, Nelson Rockefeller, Hamilton Fish Armstrong, William Henry Chamberlin, Mary Bancroft and de Mohrenschildt's FBI and CIA files, just for starters. Some, but not all, of the information is published in the report of the Warren Commission and House Select Committee on Assassination Investigations. In order to gather this information in the Timeline Chart, I have made three trips to Texas and the East Coast. One trip lasted eight months.

Unless you are an assassination buff, it is doubtful that you have ever heard of De Mohrenschildt. It took me about four months just to learn how to properly pronounce his name. De Mohrenschildt did not become a central figure in the JFK assassination conspiracy until 1976 when he began telling the press that wealthy Texas oilmen, including H.L. Hunt were behind the assassination. If indeed Texas oilmen were in on it, then H.L. Hunt may not have been the only Texas oilman, for, like LBJ, De Mohrenschildt seemed to know all of the wealthiest Texas oilmen.

For a more in-depth look at the timeline, go here.

JFK Assassination Timeline Chart has just been upgraded to 305 pages and sells for $40.00 plus postage and handling within the U.S.A. This is the enlarged easier to read edition without an Index. It weighs 2 and a half pounds. Send check to address above and request to be sign...How to be signed.

Vol. I

1,000 Points of Light, (While the Public Remains in the Dark)

is a detailed analysis of George Bush's association to Oswald's Closest Friend, George De Mohrenschildt. The research will focus on George Bush's involvement with Texas oilman, including H.L. Hunt, John Mecom, George De Mohrenschildt and to the JFK assassination. In 1975, when Bush was nominated as CIA Director, he failed to disclose that he had known de Mohrenschildt since 1942. Three Congressional Committees Rockefeller, Church and HCSA looked into the CIA's role in JFK's assassination. As CIA Director Top Secret documents came up missing under Bush. In 1976 Bush failed to disclose that he had known Oswald's closest friend when the HSCA investigation was to examine the possibility of a conspiracy into JFK's demise. It will also look at Senator John Tower's ties to Bush, Oswald and de Mohrenschildt. Dimitri Von Mohrenschildt has written to the author that Bush had hired de Mohrenschildt in the 1950s.. Adamson wrote to former President George H.W. Bush in 1993 on de Mohrenschildt.

George H.W. Bush's response

The Public has paraded JFK's assassination photos for the world to see. Same as Oswald. Why has CIA agent George de Mohrenschildt been ignored? Would you do this if Oswald was guilty?

Vol. I also included:

Clearing the Conscience in Manapalan Beach,

this is a thorough investigation and description of George De Mohrenschildt's suicide of March 29, 1977. De Mohrenschildt's suicide resulted in the first coroner's inquest in the State of Florida. It includes interviews of Edward Jay Epstein and Willem Oltmans. Epstein was the last person to visit with de Mohrenschildt an hour before he placed a shotgun in his mouth. Epstein's< closest friends is the personal adviser to President Bill Clinton, Sidney Blumenthal.




This booklet is 155 pages and sells for $35.00. ISBN 1-892501-13-9. Send check to address above and request to be sign...How to be signed if wanted



Vol. 2

Mr. McGhee You've Done It Again

This volume explores Undersecretary of State, George Crew McGhee and his friendship with de Mohrenschildt. McGhee was disliked by RFK, while he was an old time friend of LBJ's. It is shown that McGhee is firmly linked to many of the main suspects in this saga. Those include Nelson Rockefeller, C.B. Wrightsman, Allen Dulles and Lyndon Baines Johnson. Contains a look into the General Edwin Walker shooting.

Vol. II. also contains a thorough investigation into the CIA's Republic National Bank Building, where McGhee, de Mohrenschildt and Robert Gerald Storey worked. Storey lead the JFK Assassination investigation for the Texas Attorney General, Waggoner Carr. George Bush's mentor, Neil Mallon of Dresser Industries held three floors in this building. Lee Oswald was taken to a job interview by Sam Ballen to this CIA-trust Bank Building.

De Mohrenschildt had office on 16th floor. Earle Mayfield had office on 15th floor. Locke and Purnell lawfirm had office in building and organized motorcade route. The entire building was filled with CIA officials according to Earle Mayfield who told his secretary this. Photograph to left Adamson points to Republic National Bank Building nearby Dealey Plaza.



Bruce Adamson was only one year old when Jack Ruby the assassin of Oswald was banking at the CIA trust Republic National Bank Building.Click here to see Jack Ruby Check from CIA trust Republic National Bank Building.




Click here to see letter from George de Mohrenschildt to President Kennedy in February of 1963. Adamson was first to publish letter.

Mr. McGhee You've Done It Again is 90 pages and sells for $20.00. ISBN 1-892501-05-8.Send check to address above and request to be sign...How to be signed.



Vol. III

The H.L. Hunt Theory is Ketchin-up With JFK Assassination

The volume provides a detailed look into H.L. Hunt's ties to De Mohrenschildt, JFK, LBJ and to the CIA. It also links De Mohrenschildt to the Hunt brother's wiretapping case. Then back to attorney Percy Foreman, to LBJ, and to Jack Ruby. E. Howard Hunt of Watergate fame, is thoroughly examined and the possibility of a H.L. Hunt intentional frame-up theory. Also ties H.L. Hunt , JFK to a former FBI man, Harold J. Fleming who was supposed to be Oswald's armored car driver at the Dallas City Jail. Was the armored car used to transport Jack Ruby into the Dallas Police station basement?

The H.L. Hunt Theory is Ketchin-up to the JFK Assassination is 80 pages and sells for $20.00. ISBN 1-892501-06-6. Send check to address above and request to be sign...How to be signed.


Vol. IV

The Very First Cold Warrior: Dimitri Von Mohrenschildt

Dimitri Von Mohrenschildt died June 9, 2002 at the age of 100

this volume covers Dimitri Von Mohrenschildt's first job with the Bolshevik's, the founding of the Russian Review while Dimitri worked for the OSS, the promotion of the CIA's Radio Free Europe and Amcomlib (aka Radio Liberty). William H. Chamberlin, conservative columnist for the Wall Street Journal, was Dimitri's closest friend and was telling Allen Dulles "how" to run the Warren Commission. Another friend of Dimitri's was James Billington, a former CIA agent and our current Librarian of Congress was telling Allen Dulles how to run the Warren Commission. Interesting note is that Rush Limbaugh, Jr. idealized William H. Chamberlin, "who says genes are hereditary?"

Click here to see letter from CIA Director Allen Dulles to Dimitri Von Mohrenschildt. Why did the CIA destroy this letter? Adamson was first to publish letter.

The Very First Cold Warrior: Dimitri Von Mohrenschildt is 130 pages sells for $25.00. ISBN 1-892501-07-4. Send check to address above and request to be sign...How to be signed


Vol. V

By George: His Haitian Baby Was Not For Papa

A detailed examination of de Mohrenschildt's ties to LBJ and to Texas oilmen are presented in this volume. Not every oilman is covered within this portion. George McGhee, George Bush and C.B. Wrightsman are covered in other volumes, all had ties to de Mohrenschildt and LBJ. In addition, this volume reviews the relationship between Angier Biddle Duke, Clint Murchison with de Mohrenschildt, LBJ and JFK. It also contains a wealth of compelling evidence on Colonel Howard Burris' association and meeting with de Mohrenschildt on April 26th,1963, seven months before the assassination.

Click here to view letter from de Mohrenschildt to Vice President Lyndon Baines Johnson. Adamson was the first to publish this letter in 1996.

NBC's spokeswoman Doris Kearns Goodwin refused to respond to Adamson's enclosed letters between LBJ and George de Mohrenschildt. Adamson asked Mrs. Goodwin "Why is Vice-President LBJ writing to Lee Harvey Oswald's closest friend seven months before President Kennedy's assassination." Doris Goodwin is a Champion of Lyndon Baines Johnson and instead of addressing the question posed to her, she ignored it. See Exhibit.

Click to view View Doris Kearns Goodwin's letter to Adamson.


Haitian Baby Was Not For Papa is 150 pages and sells for $30.00. ISBN 1-892501-08-2. Send check to address above and request to be sign...How to be signed.


Vol. VI

Allen Dulles' Paine Must be Let Luce

Was the great granddaughter and second great grandson of Ralph Waldo Emerson involved in the assassination of the JFK Assassination? Michael and his mother Ruth Forbes Paine (aka. Mrs. Arthur Young) was tied to Henry Luce, Allen Dulles and to Lee Harvey Oswald.

This volume contains a thorough examination of the compelling evidence linking Ruth Paine, Henry and Clare Luce, Prescott Bush and Allen Dulles' ties to Mary Bancroft. Bancroft was the lover of both Henry Luce and Allen Dulles simultaneously and was the long-time friend of the mother of Oswald's benefactors prior to the assassination. Bancroft worked on the WWII assassination attempt on Adolph Hitler. The evidence proves that Dulles was involved in the cover-up of the JFK assassination.

Two chapters have been added on, as of November 1998. These are Dimitri Von Mohrenschildt's ties to Ruth (Forbes) Paine and her husband, Arthur Young. Young invented the Bell helicopter, and made a fortune off of it in the Korean and Vietnam wars. Young worked closely with Joseph Mashman, who was LBJ's pilot. Mr. and Mrs. Young were the parents of Michael and Ruth (Hyde) Paine, Lee Harvey Oswald's landlords and benefactors, at the time of the JFK assassination. John Forbes Kerry is a cousin to Ruth (Forbes) Paine and Michael Paine. They call him JFK, II. See President Kennedy sitting in chair while a young Forbes looks on.

Allen Dulles' Paine Must be Let Luce is 215 pages and sells for $35.00. ISBN 1-892501-09-0. Send check to address above and request to be sign...How to be signed.


Books by Bruce Campbell Adamson - who has since 1996 been a guest on radio shows around the USA - Jeff Rense; Coast to Coast with George Noory; Len of Black Op; John Newman at University of Maryland; Dr. Stanley Monteith; Jack McLamb; Bo Gritz and KSCO radio to name a few.



Who was CIA Agent George de Mohrenschildt? Click to see an incriminating de Mohrenschildt Chart. There are not many JFK assassination researchers and authors who can tell you who George de Mohrenschildt really was.

"Santa Monica College Alumni gets published on JFK Assassination Research" Click to find out how you can purchase book and video.

For letters on JFK Assassination, articles and etc. Click here.

VINCENT BUGLIOSI's CAPE FEAR <<<<--- Read Adamson's unpublished Letter to the Editor of New York Times

Review of film AVIATOR, the story of Howard Hughes. Film does not cover the 1950s, 1960s and his association to George H.W. Bush, George de Mohrenschildt and the Central Intelligence Agency. De Mohrenschildt, before his shock treatments claimed to be good friends with Hughes. A cousin worked on this film and my uncle wrote songs for two Howard Hughes films, 1). His Kind of Woman, 1952; 2). The Las Vegas Story. The CIA and Howard Hughes'' His Kind of Woman will be shown on Turner Classic Movies Saturday June 3 rd at 5:00 Pacific time. Story plot sounds like Oswald being set up in Mexico as Patsy. Mitchum was in film with de Mohrenschildt's daughter Alexandria in Wrath of Gods 1973. Mitchum, G.H. Bush and de Mohrenschildt were all friends of Howard Hughes. A deported gangster causes problems for guests at a Mexican resort. Cast: Robert Mitchum, Jane Russell, Vincent Price. Dir: John Farrow Photo to left is Alexandra De Mohrenschildt aka. Donna Clark in the film The Wrath of God.

Recent obituaries whom were friends of the Mohrenschildts':

1). Philip C. Johnson 94, 2). George C. McGhee; 93, 3). George F. Kennan 101 and 4). Oleg Cassini., 92.

For Oleg Cassini's obituary by Bruce Adamson Click here.


Pay the Price, Was the title of Igor Cassini's book published in 1983. In this book Igor Cassini told me over the phone was in reference to the JFK Assassination. Also that the lead character who was involved in murder was his father-in-law Charles Wrightsman. The book begins in Palm Beach, 1977 the year of de Mohrenschildt's suicide.

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