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Families I have research are The Shippen Family; Jubal Anderson Click here to see Jubal's biography site. Early and James Phelan family (mayor of San Francisco); Click here to see Phelan genealogical site. The Davidson family of Grand Rapid's, Michigan. I was told by James Phelan's granddaughter that Mr. Phelan was friends with Poncho Villa. We are all related some how, and it seems nobody wants to be forgotten.

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One is not always going to find positive things about their ancestors. In researching the Shippen Family. I found that Peggy Shippen a first cousin many generations removed talked Benedict Arnold into being a traitor. The New York Times in 1932 published a series of articles which pretty much prove that Peggy Shippen had talked Arnold into surrendering West Point to the British. Dutinh the American Revolutionary Qae. The Shippen Family has many interesting early American historical stories. Pennsylvania was a part of Lord Baltimore's land grant before William Penn was given the grant of PA. Governor Arnold Schwarznegger also had an interest in Sarah Lee Shippen at the same time Adamson and Sarah took a scuba class at SMCC,, the other Arnold was studing English. Arnold went on to marry a Kennedy--Marie Shriver while Adamson would write 14 volumes on the JFK assassination. Presidente Kennedy was Governor Arnold's posthumous uncle-by-marriage.

Before Philadelphia was even a state it was owned by Lord Baltimore. Before there was George Bush, a George Washington there was George Calvert, first Lord Baltimore. The property in which Washington D.C. rests upon today, most of it, was owned by the Calvert Family in the Maryland Charter approved by King Charles of England. As you can see one thing leads to another and this is through my mother. Photo to left shows Sarah and Bruce ten years ago.

Anderson Cooper and Katie Couric are both cousins to me and on photo to right they appear together on Larry King on November 1, 2006. Yet, they are not known to me to be cousins to each other.

Jubal Anderson Early could have won the Civil War, had he attacked Washington D.C. at Night. Jubal Early was "late" so Early did not whip the Yanks.



I have spent many years researching my family, tracing its history back hundreds of years. uncovering both kings, queens (not in drag) and saints, and have a site dedicated to this research Family history, for me has been a lot of fun. Click here to see.

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