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For twenty-five years I have kept my website and devoted it to my family history and to the JFK Assassination. Not that many people are interested into my family history research. I have decided to close down portions of the website it takes up too much time to mantain it. People think that because I have many ancestors who were rich and history, that I too must be wealthy. I do not receive royalties from Harold's songs, but Hal's second wife.

One third went to Hal's one and only daughter and she founded a theater off Broadway in New York City and her portion was to support Jean Cocteau theater. Yet the New York Times reported a RIFF with the board in 2004.

I do have an Ebay Store which helps educate those interested in subject, if it is priced too high at least I can educate others as I have tried to do in the past. I did produced Our Pal Hal; An Affair to Remember a 45 minute documentary on Hal's songwriting career. More on Ebay.

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As a senior I feel the internet is discriminating against the elderly. For not too many seniors have the time to learn new applications to get those benefits. As a senior, I can not find the time to chicken peck keys as now required by cell phones and pads. In theory it slows down the process for learning for all. For those that grew up on a larger keyboard cannot express themselves on facts. I do not believe the internet was designed to discriminate, just feel it worked out that way.

Why did you know that the US postal service owned the trademark "email." They let it go to public domain.

A New book out on the big four internet companies that are controlling the internet. Was surprised to learn that Pay Pal and Ebay were not included. For Pay Pal has created an International currency Exchange. Devaluing the U.S. dollar bill, for it is no more "In God We Trust," but pay pal. If Pay Pal was really our Pal they would have supplied this feature for free when they were apart of Ebay. New York University professor Scott Galloway wrote:

The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google (Random House Large Print) Paperback ­ Large Print, October 3, 2017 -- These companies are controlling the internet.



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