Biographical note: Mel Gibson purchased the rights to Christopher Buckley's film rights. See Current Biography. Why is this important? Buckley's father William F. Buckley, Jr. is listed in de Mohrenschildt's phone book in 1954-55 and was a CIA agent. Christopher Buckley worked as George H.W. Bush's speech writer

Re: No Confessions From An Alleged Dangerous Mind;

Chuck Barris' Definite Family Ties to the CIA

Review of Anne Thompson's N.Y. Times "Man With a Mission" on "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind"

Opinion to the Editor:

The purpose of this opinion is to inform the public of Chuck Barris' family ties to the CIA. Presently the CIA wants to get back into killing people on U.S. Soil! In 1984, when Barris released his book "Confessions of a Dangerous Mind," in Contemporary Authors Barris said that his book was "Fiction."  Why is Barris not telling the truth today? Today it is not, or Barris leaves you wondering. It is my opinion that this mystery is done to profit from the movie.

There is nothing to be proud of being a CIA assassin. To have a lawful society, those in charge of it must not be allowed to break the law. They must encourage others to enforce it. Such a society will not, must not, and could not stand.

Let us now look at what Barris does not tell us.

Chuck Barris' uncle-by-marriage was William S. Paley (former owner of CBS). Paley admitted working with the CIA throughout the 1950s.  Paley did employ a CIA assassin whose name was George de Mohrenschildt.  For those of you who don't know it, de Mohrenschildt was Lee Harvey Oswald's closest friend prior to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963. There is nothing pretty about this historical event and the CIA finger prints are all over it.

George de Mohrenschildt, a CIA agent, wrote in his book, "Of course I Killed Kennedy, from the biggest crook in the Western Hemisphere."

Barris' father-in-law was Leon Levy who cofounded CBS with his brother Isaac Levy. Leon's daughter "Lynn" married Chuck Barris. Leon married Blanche Paley, who was the sister of William S. Paley, a future CIA asset, who also employed CIA agents, including George de Mohrenschildt.

Throughout the 1950s, Paley admitted working with the CIA by allowing agents to pose as CBS employees. One of the long-time Directors at CBS was Prescott Bush, whose son, also a CIA agent, George H.W. Bush had known de Mohrenschildt since 1942. In 1993, Bush Sr., wrote to me stating that he did not know of de Mohrenschildt's Intelligence connections. I later found out that de Mohrenschildt's father-in-law, Walter Samuel Washington, was in charge of more than 250 CIA agents between the years of 1950-53, ten years before the JFK Assassination.

In May of 1963, prior to the Assassination of President Kennedy, after he left CBS, Prescott Bush's banking firm Brown Brothers & Harriman gave Lee Harvey Oswald's closest friend, George de Mohrenschildt a $300,000 line of credit, when de Mohrenschildt's credit "stunk" to high heaven.

In 1953, I found letters from Prescott Bush, CIA Director, Allen Dulles and Neil Mallon (G.H.W. Bush's mentor) that their Carribean project was "going very well." In 1953, George Bush founded his Zapata Oil Company -- a CIA front. In the 1960s, Bush worked with Edwin Pauley in Mexico City on "Operation Zapata," the code name for "The Bay of Pigs" invasion.

The CIA has a long history of using Hollywood to get what they want. In the past, they have used "Radio Liberty," "Radio Free Europe," and "Voice of America" to broadcast propaganda in slavic languages. Nelson Rockefeller, in World War II, had his own movie production company as the head of Inter-American Affairs -- the sister organization to the O.S.S. (a forerunner of the CIA). Rockefeller also employed George de Mohrenschildt in World War II. Chuck Barris' uncle-by-marriage, Paley was an O.S.S. man as was de Mohrenschildt and his brother Dimitri. In the 1950' she CIA's main man in Hollywood was friends with both Dimitri and George de Mohrenschildt, that man was Cecil B. de Mille.

In the early 1990s, I received a letter from Paley's personal secretary, John S. Minary, (for 40 years) stating that Mr. Paley had hired George de Mohrenschildt in the early 1960s.

In 1992, after the West Palm Beach Sheriff's office gave me a photocopy of de Mohrenschildt's personal phonebook. Surprise! Besides finding George H.W. Bush's Zapata Oil Company, I found "William S. Paley's" name entered four times between the years 1954-55. Chuck Barris' uncle-by-marriage William S. Paley employed de Mohrenschildt shortly before the JFK assassination. I found Jack Baragwanath, a friend of Blanche Paley's, listed in de Mohrenschildt's phone book who was also an employee of William Paley's, de Mohrenschildt was friends with Bush Sr., LBJ, Jackie Kennedy, rich Texas oilmen, Igor Cassini, with seven trustees of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and with a loner like Lee Harvey Oswald.

* Astrix means that this person employed George de Mohrenschildt.

The trustees of MoMA were 1). * William S. Paley; 2). * Nelson Rockefeller; 3). * Henry Luce; 4). John "Jock" Hay Whitney; 5). Charles Wrightsman; 6). Phllip C. Johnson (listed in de Mohrenschildt's phone book); and, 7). * John de Menil.

In the mid 1950s, Charles Wrightsman and de Mohrenschildt's in-laws (The Sharples) organized "The Goya Ball" together in Palm Beach. Wrightsman's daughter Countess Charlene Wrightsman-Cassini was listed in de Mohrenschildt's phonebook and took her own life when Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy brought criminal charges against her husband in 1961-62 for failing to register under The U.S. Registration Act. Charlene's suicide occurred on April 7, 1963. Wrightsman and his close friends blamed the Kennedy's for his daughter's death, for she had 10 days before her suicide written to President Kennedy. At the same time, CIA agent George de Mohrenschildt was hanging out with the alleged future assassin Lee Harvey Oswald.

I have nothing against Barris personally and if Barris wanted to bring out that the CIA has assassins, then I guess he deserves some sort of positive credit. Yet, don't hold back information while profitting from the idea.

In the JFK case, the public has suffered greatly from of the deeds of the CIA. If Chuck Barris does not want to tell the public about his family's CIA ties, then surely someone must. It is not my responsibility to be judge and jury to say that his uncle-by-marriage was responsible for Kennedy's demise. Yet, how else is the American Public to know, if Barris won't discuss it? Barris does write in his book that he was threatened by the CIA for publishing his book. If this is the truth, then I say that Barris is not the culprit -- only the messenger. In his book Barris is highly critical of the CIA and their powers. For this, I highly commend Barris.

If Chuck Barris did not know this, then surely he must have known that his wife's brother's name was Robert Paley Levy, named in honor of his uncle William S. Paley. Barris should have known of Paley's CIA ties for it is common knowledge and published.

One must not approve of the way the CIA is allowed to run around with an "unlimited" budget and not being held "accountable" to anyone, not even our U.S. Congress for anything.

The bottom line is that Chuck Barris does not want to talk about his CIA past. If the CIA does not like what you have to say, they remove you. If Barris' story is true the CIA would have had to given their permission to release his book in 1984. Did the CIA give their permission to release the book and the movie? In the past decade there have been countless movies which most intimidate all from wanting to expose the "truth" about the CIA's powers to kill and break the law.

The CIA enjoys using "intimidation" to scare people from questioning their authority. Isn't it about time that the American Public takes back it's country from the CIA who kill without being charged by our honest law enforcement agencies? In watching the movie, a film critic, I am not, I found Drew Barrymore's acting great and Drew's personality was the glue that retained my attention.

George Clooney wanted to play "Jim Byrd," a CIA recruiter in this movie.  Clooney has played similar roles in the past.  Clooney starred in such films as, Three Kings, -99, story outline has Clooney fighting for President Bush; Ocean's Eleven -01; Fail Safe, -00; Peacemaker, -97; From Dusk Till Dark, -96; Without Warning Terror in the Towers, -93, story about the World Trade Center Towers bombing in 1993 and Return to Horror, -87. Clooney is the man behind the production of Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. Which once was a "fictional story," but now, has some how turned into a "must not tell film."

When historians look back, who knows they may say that the real culprits behind the JFK assassination were FBI, CIA agents, Texas oilmen, and that the true story may hang at The Museum of Modern Art. Who painted this masterpiece? Our own government! While the Bush family may not approve, it is refreshing to know there are people like Congressman Sam Farr, Leon Panetta, a Deputy California Attorney General, and other law enforcement agencies who have supported my research on the CIA's role behind President Kennedy's Assassination.

Respectfully submitted,



Bruce Campbell Adamson /author/historian

P.O. Box 1003, Aptos, CA, 95001,