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Re: Edward Wyatt's article on Vincent Bugliosi's t Book
The New York Times May 14, 2007

Letter to the Editor;

The Public's Right to Know. For the past 15 years I have been
researching the life of Lee Harvey Oswald's closest friend
George De Mohrenschildt a CIA agent tied to the rich and
famous. Mr. Bugliosi nor has the networks ever covered De
Mohrenschildt a CIA agent whom said "Oswald was set up,"
before on March 31, 1977 he placed a shotgun in his mouth and
cleared his conscience in Manapalan Beach, Florida. This was
done six months after de Mohrenschildt and at the time CIA
Director George H.W. Bush were exchanging letters which the
CIA has since destroyed. The San Francisco Times reported
while Bush Sr. was CIA Director more than 200 documents came
up missing. Adamson wins case Adamson vs. Department of
Justice, FBI,
wins de Mohrenschidlt's entire FBI file 2700
pages dating back to 1941. One item which was redacted was
de Mohrenschildt's IRS file (7 pages), "Because of National Security,"
which would prove that de Mohrenschildt was working for the US government.

Bugliosi has never, nor would he attempt to cover the evidence
that Adamson was the first to publish in 1996. Letters
between Vice President Lyndon Baines Johnson and Oswald's
friend, de Mohrenschildt a CIA agent were meeting seven months
before the assassination of Kennedy. LBJ and de Mohrenschildt
were writing to one another a week after Lee Oswald shot at
right wing Major General Edwin Walker on April 10, 1963. Why
weren't these letters published in The Warren Commission Report?

A Letter dated Feb. 27, 1953 from CIA Director Allen Dulles
and future Warren Commissioner to Dimitri Von Mohrenschildt an
OSS/CIA agent, who happens to be the brother of Oswald's
closest friend. The letter proves that Dulles' and the
Mohrenschildt's knew their relatives cofounder the Secret
Service during World War I. This was ten years before the JFK
Assassination. I ask Mr. Bugliosi why did the CIA destroy this
letter...Adamson vs. Central Intelligence Agency.

Adamson was the first to publish that George de Mohrenschildt
and his fourth wife belonged to the same CIA organization as
Abraham Zapruder, The Dallas Council on World Affairs,
(DCWA). The DCWA was founded my Neal Mallon, George H.W.
Bush's mentor and the DCWA worked closely with CIA Director
Allen Dulles. Bush Sr. thought so highly of Mallon he named
his son Neal Mallon Bush.

Mrs. George de Mohrenschildt worked with Zapruder 10 years
before the JFK Assassination at a clothing company Nardis of
Dallas and were friends with each other. Even though the
Zapruder had ties to the Central Intelligence Agency they paid
his family and heirs 16 million for the original copy of the
Zapruder family while they still continue to profit off of the
sell of the staged shooting of President Kennedy. The de
Mohrenschildt's and Zapruders had an obligation to disclose
this fact to The Warren Commission but they failed to do so. When ever
the U.S. government screws up they will have a make believe trial in
Congress, "to get to the truth." This is not a court of law. They'll whitewash the truth.

That George H.W. Bush committed fraud when he signed into law
before he left office as President. Author's note Adamson
offered his research as a whistleblower to the JFK Records
Board and they did not accept nor mentioned that de
Mohrenschildt's name once in their report. George H.W. Bush
had an obligation to disclose that he had known Lee Harvey
Oswald's closest friend a CIA agent George de Mohrenschildt
since 1942 when he signed this Act into law and when he was
nominated as CIA Director and confirmed before the U.S.
Senate. You too can see Bush Sr.'s admitting this FACT at URL
for free:

Bush Sr. never told anyone that he was in charge of the Bay of
Pigs invasion in 1961; that he was involved in the JFK
Assassination Investigation with FBI Director John Edgar
Hoover on November 23, 1963; that his father at Brown Brothers
and Harriman gave de Mohrenschildt a $300,000 dollar line of
credit in May of 1963; nor of the other CIA, Bush/LBJ Texas
oilmen connections. Vincent Bugliosi has not a clue to who de
Mohrenschildt really was and he has made no attempt to look at
the evidence when I sent it to him.

Why was John Edgar Hoover of the FBI briefing George Bush of the CIA the day after the assassination when Bush himself has admitted that he has known Oswald's closest friend since 1942, a CIA agent?

Oswald's closest friend made a dying declaration in March of
1977. Bugliosi says "there is no end to this pile," that may
be his pile, yet Mr. Bugliosi knows that circumstantial
evidence does not lie and that people do. Bugliosi was quoted
to conspiracy fact publishers: "I think we're going to knock
it down substantially...."

I challenge you to conduct an-in-camera investigation of George
de Mohrenschidlt and at the evidence this historian has spent
over 15 years at a cost of over $200,000 on trips around the
U.S.A. Adamson has a life estate to his 14 volumes entitled
Oswald's Closest Friend; The George de Mohrenschildt Story,

I was the first to publish a book vol. 11 of the de Mohrenschildt Story
on Samuel Walter Washington who was de Mohrenschildt's
second-father-in-law and was descended from our first President
George Washington brothers on his mom's and dad's side of the family.
Lee Harvey Oswald's closest friend de Mohrenschildt's father-in-law was in charge of more
than 250 CIA agents in the successful CIA plot to
overthrow the Guatemala coup of 1953.

Ten years before JFK's demise. Is this the sort of piles Bugliosi is referring to? The pile in this
letter to the editor of The New York Times Editor is extremely SMALL.

I respect Mr. Bugliosi as a lawyer, yet I too have worked with
law enforcement agencies including the West Palm Beach
Sheriff's; a deputy attorney for the State of California who
also worked with Bugliosi's assistant in the Charles Manson
case, Stephan Kay. Why would Bill Clinton's Chief of Staff
Leon Panetta support Adamson's research in 1992-93?
Also Congressman Sam Farr.

The author of this letter would like to point out that these
are facts and not theories which the government seems to have
brainwashed the American public in believing that everyone who
questions the federal government is a theorists.

While the blind may see the truth, and it surely has set them free, Mr. Bugliosi
will remain blind to CIA agent George de Mohrenschildt who is
tied to the rich, the famous, many CIA agents, LBJ, President
George H.W. Bush, Texas oilmen, Jackie Kennedy, her landlord
in 1961-63 in Palm Beach Colonel Michael Paul; Mrs. William R.
Hearst, CIA supported CBS founder William S. Paley, Igor and
Oleg Cassini, Abraham Zapruder, Nelson Rockefeller, Charles
Wrightsman and to Lee Harvey Oswald. Case is not Closed, and
the Crime of the Past Century can be solved for THERE IS NO

Respectfully submitted,


Bruce Campbell Adamson -- author/publisher/whistleblower

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